Pacemaker - Gen III in a VB-VS Commodore 3" Inch Outlet Headers

Pacemaker - Gen III in a VB-VS Commodore 3" Inch Outlet Headers

Brand: Pacemaker Headers

Part No: PH5345-3L-PH5345-3R-K

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Part #: PH 5345    
P/Steering: - Gasket: DSF 138
Air Con: - Primary Pipe: 1¾" (44mm)
Oxy Sen: - Secondary Pipe: 2" (51mm)
E.G.R: - Outlet: 2½" (63mm)
Y Branch: - Fitting Time: -

VB-VK Commodore with Manual Steering Rack and Power Steering K-frame only. To guarantee fitment of these headers we recommend using our engine mounts PEMPLS18 (requires HT-HG 253-308 Holden V8 rubber mounts). To fit to VL with RB30 K-frame requires PEMPLS1-6L & R and PEMPLS1-A6L & R When converting in a VR/VS you can use our Gear Box Cross Members PGXMLS1-A (Automatic) or PGXMLS1-M (Manual).

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Warranty Period - 24 Months

Why Pacemaker Headers?

For over a quarter of a century, PACEMAKER has been innovating, designing and manufacturing quality exhaust headers in Australia. Pacemaker was the first company to introduce mandrel-bending technology into the exhaust header market, forever changing the header industry landscape.

Today PACEMAKER still draws upon its long tradition of innovation by introducing new technologies into the market place. In this time Pacemaker has been able to design and build one of Australia's largest 4-into-1 and Tri-y catalogues. In 1997 Pacemaker introduced its turbulence eliminating 'Pipe Over Cone™' technology (design copyright number 135712). This advance in design and construction not only dramatically improves flow through the exhaust but also helps to lengthen the life of the product.