Job Of The Week (2) - VW Golf Mk6

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What Did We Work On:

This week we worked on the Volkswagen Golf R MK6. These cars have increased in popularity for the past couple years amongst other Golf GTI's, TSI's and R's in the workshop.

This specific customer "George" wanted an exhaust where he was able to control the sound so that he could close the exhaust for a more subtle sound in certain areas such as (the parents house, grandparents, police stations and early morning starts). As Well as opening it up again...


What We Recommended:

We recommended the 3” XFORCE dump pipe and cat kit with a resonator delete along with the XFORCE cat back system with Varex mufflers. We believed this could help achieve the best possible sound for the MK6. 

Our Take:

One of the issues we ran into was the 60mm reducer supplied. This part wasn't 3" inches in diametre, which meant the exhaust could suffer from flowing issues.  Although this was a very minor set back our fabricators knew exactly how to handle this. To keep the system 3" inch all the way through, we tig welded a small connecting pipe for optimum performance and flow. 

The reducer from the engine pipe to catback could have bolted up but it would have been reduced to 60mm in a 150 mm section. Futher, rear hangers had to be adjusted as there was no variability with the rear muffler with respect to its positioning. 

What we really liked was the mirror finish on the rear muffler. For some it's a must on some JDMs and Euro cars. And lastly the sound. We just loved the crackle and pop the car makes when hammering it. It just sounds so right when shifting on the gears in a Golf ;)

Tips & Tricks:

  • We would recommend a smart box to better control the sound of the exhaust in proportion with throttle position. This can help with engine torque (greater back pressure down low) and with general comfort in the cabin.
  • Pro tip - With the Varex smart box you can geotag locations so the valve can shut 100% in certain areas.


  • 304 Stainless steel
  • 3″ pipe work
  • Stainless steel flex bellow
  • 100 cell high flow metallic race cat
  • Will adapt to factory OE cat back system only
  • Manual vehicles will require a shifter cable support bracket

Product link: 

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