Universal Exhaust

Exhaust Shop is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of universal car exhausts, 4- inch exhausts, and universal exhaust silencers. All our universal car exhausts are built to the best quality with superior materials to ensure lasting performance. If you can’t find a part you are looking for on our online store, we can help you source it, or choose a custom fabricator. 

While some exhausts are specially made for certain makes or models of car, universal car exhausts will fit on practically any vehicle. Our universal exhaust products can be modified to fit any car model. 

When it comes down to exhaust diameter, for most trucks a 4-inch exhaust is the perfect universal fit. A 4-inch exhaust with smooth mandrel bends and a high-flow muffler is all the average daily driver will require to reduce EGTs and exhaust backpressure.

A universal car exhaust silencer is a device used to reduce the noise produced by exhaust systems. It is also known as a muffler, and our universal exhaust silencers can fit the internal combustion engine of any universal vehicle. Our Universal Exhaust Silencers can be modified to fit any car model. 

We at Exhaust Shop stock a large range of universal car exhaust devices, perfect for your next car repair or upgrade project. Our range includes Cats, Collectors, Exhaust Tips, Flange Plates. Flexible Bellows, Hotdogs, Mandrel Bends, Mufflers, Reducers, Silicone Hoses, Tubing and X Pipes. 

Shop at our online store today for great savings. We also stock performance exhausts, standard exhaustsand 4x4 redback exhaustsContact us today for more information via email (support@exhaustshop.com.au) or call us on 03 9770 0416, between 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday- Friday.  Alternatively, you can fill in our enquiry form online. Our friendly and expertised customer service team is here to help you!