Exhaust Shop is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Performance Exhausts and Sport Exhausts. We want to provide the best to our customers, which is why we stock some of the best brands of performance and sport exhausts available in the market. The brands we stock include XFORCE, Di Filippo, Manta, & Pex. We also stock performance exhausts and sport exhausts for different car brands including Audi, Mercedes, BMW, & Honda. With our wide selection of products, we are sure you will find the right performance exhaust for your car.

Performance exhausts are used to help a vehicle's engine run smoother. How this works is that performance exhausts de-restrict the air flow, which frees up some power, resulting in smoother engine performance. Performance exhausts are known to work best on a turbocharged engine. The experts at the Exhaust Shop are here to provide you with guidance on the best exhausts for your car.

Some of the Performance Exhaust parts we stock include Direct Fit Mufflers, Catbacks, Dump Pipes & Cats, Engine Back, Headers & Cats and Muffler Deletes.

Mufflers: This device helps reduce the amount of noise produced by your engine while also controlling the backpressure of the engine. This can improve the endurance and performance of your engine.

Catbacks: A cat back exhaust system is a modification that will free up your exhaust gas flow and produce a more pronounced engine note than your stock muffler.

Dump Pipes & Cats: This can help reduce turbo lag by making the turbo engine spin longer.

At Exhaust Shop, we can also custom fabricate the exhaust for your car. So rest assured that with us, you will find the best solutions to improve your car’s performance. We also stock standard exhausts, universal car exhausts, and 4x4 redback exhausts.

Shop our range of exhaust solutions online. Looking for recommendations on the right exhaust for your car in order to improve engine performance? Contact us at the Exhaust Shop via email (support@exhaustshop.com.au) or call us on 03 9770 0416, between 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday- Friday. Alternatively, you can fill out our enquiry form onlineOur friendly and expertised customer service team is here to help you!

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