Get Hurricane Exhaust System For Your Car

Hurricane Headers are 100% Australian made. Exhaust Shop offers a vast array of exhaust related products including Headers, Sports and Performance Exhaust systems and more. Hurricane has the technology to design and develop all products in house. Headers manufactured by Hurricane use both Mandrel and Press bending technologies. Whilst not all headers are used for performance enhancement, all systems with a mandrel bend allow for maximum flow.

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If you want to replace your car’s old exhaust system or looking for a custom-built Hurricane exhaust system and online exhaust shop, we are here to help. For over 25 years, we have helped several customers by offering professional advice and high-quality car accessories and parts. When you hire our services, you can expect our qualified technicians to pay attention to detail and deliver a truly satisfying customer experience.

Hurricane Headers

We supply easy to install exhaust system accessories- Hurricane Headers and xforce exhaust system. They are simply designed to enhance your car engine's performance. Built for maximum performance, the stainless-steel headers make it easier to eliminate exhaust gases out of the engine’s cylinders.

Hurricane Mufflers

Our exhaust systems consist of commercial-grade stainless steel tubing, flange plates, v-bands and mufflers. The Hurricane Mufflers and performance exhaust system are installed at the rear side of your vehicle. Their role is to remove vehicle emissions and reduce engine noise. Coated with steel and aluminium, the mufflers protect your car’s exhaust system against heat and chemicals.

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