Di Filippo Exhaust Systems For Improved Engine Performance

Upgrade your vehicle by choosing Di Filippo exhaust systems and exhaust parts suppliers made of superior quality stainless steel. We at Exhaust Shop understand the importance of choosing the right kind of exhaust for your 4WD vehicle. That’s why we combine our years of experience and expertise to offer the best upgrade solutions to our customers. We will make sure you get the right products that suit your vehicle’s specific needs and performance requirements.

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Di Filippo Exhaust Suppliers In Australia

Di Filippo has been manufacturing performance exhaust systems for over 19 years now. Your new Di Filippo exhaust system consists of mufflers, flange bolt sets, flange gaskets and connector pipes. Shop for the right exhaust system through our online store and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Discover more about Di Filippo exhaust systems and redback exhaust by contacting us today. Our experts will provide you with guidance and advice about our car 4WD accessories and other products. Get all the information you need to choose the right exhaust system that suits your vehicle’s needs.

Talk to our helpful staff today by calling us on (03) 9111 5481.

Di Filippo Headers

The stainless-steel headers with a 3-inch outlet system are available in ceramic coating. Di Filippo headers are easy to bolt on, they improve your car engine's performance and remove exhaust gases from the cylinders. The exhaust headers consist of tubes grouped forming an outlet known as the collector. These tubes eliminate also eliminate manifold's pressure.

If you are searching for a comprehensive solution to boost your car’s performance, give it a quick upgrade by installing a new Di Filippo exhaust and flange plate. Such type upgrades can improve the efficiency of engine parts and fuel economy.

We are here to support you in the installation of new car parts. Give us a call today.