Exhaust Shop is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of Redback Exhausts and Catback Exhausts for 4X4 Vehicles. We want to provide the best to our customers, which is why we stock some of the best brands for 4X4 exhausts available in the market. 

Conventional 4X4 exhaust systems are severely restricted from most factories, meaning that sourcing the appropriate parts for your 4X4 Vehicles and Redback 4X4 upgrade can be difficult. Here at Exhaust Shop, our wide 4X4 exhaust system range has something to suit every 4X4 vehicle. 

We only source the best quality Redback Exhausts and Catback Exhausts. So, get the power you deserve from your 4X4. Our 4x4 Exhaust systems can be used to help increase power and torque by a minimum of 10%.

We stock a wide range of products, including Turbo Backs, DPF Backs and Dump Pipe Backs. Our stock accounts for a large range of 4x4 brands, including Ballistic, Redback 4x4, Manta and XForce. 

Turbo Back Exhaust: Upgrading to a Turbo Back system is going to give you more horsepower because it increases the gases that are leaving the Turbo.

Catback Exhaust: Installation of a Catback Exhaust will increase the sound of your vehicle. With the Catback exhaust system, you’ll have a muffler that flows better, which will be largely responsible for the improved sound.

DPF Back Exhaust: A DPF back can be installed in order to filter out exhaust noise. A DPF-Back system helps your exhaust flow and makes for a better sounding 4X4 vehicle.

Dump Pipe Back Exhaust: This part helps the exhaust when your car's turbo is reaching its full potential. They also help reduce turbo lag and make the turbo engine spin longer.

At Exhaust Shop, we can also custom fabricate the exhaust for your car. So rest assured that with us, you will find the best solutions to improve your 4x4’s performance. We also stock performance exhausts, standard exhausts, and universal car exhausts.

Shop our range of exhaust solutions online. Looking for recommendations on the right exhaust for your car in order to improve engine performance? Contact us at the Exhaust Shop via email ( or call us on 03 9111 5481, between 9 am to 4 pm Monday- Friday. Alternatively, you can fill in our enquiry form online. Our friendly and expertised customer service team is here to help you!