High Flow Exhaust Car Muffler

A car muffler is an important part of your car. The role of an exhaust muffler is to filter out the gases and reduce the system’s noise. When the muffler does not function properly, it can affect the working of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

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Universal exhaust mufflers and exhaust systems australia can be hard to choose from. To make it simple though, there are two components of a muffler that make a difference. Firstly, the internal components are generally referred to as Tri-Flow or Straight Through. The difference between the two is the amount of muffling one configuration can do against the over. The Tri-Flow muffler is the quieter option of the two. Generally, all sports exhaust uses a straight-through design to give your car a nice burble and note.

Secondly, the size of a muffler is also important. In essence, the bigger the muffler the quieter your car is going to sound. The sizing of mufflers works as follows (length x width & pipe diameter).

Looking for a high flow muffler and chrome exhaust tips for your car? At Exhaust Shop, you can find high-performing exhaust mufflers made of steel and aluminium. This specific car component provides the ultimate protection against heat and chemicals released from your car’s exhaust system.

Our team of professionals understand how important it is for our customers to find compatible car parts and accessories for their vehicle. We bring a range of durable and tested car mufflers and exhaust tubing at great prices. We offer a seamless experience to our customers by helping them pick the right exhaust systems and their essential components according to their car model.

We care for our customers and do everything to ensure they get the right car accessories at the best prices possible.

If you find yourself stuck, feel free to contact us via email (support@exhaustshop.com.au) or phone.