Exhaust tubing and pipes suppliers in Australia

Your vehicle produces a large amount of emission that needs to be released safely from the engine. Here comes the role of exhaust pipes and car exhaust systems which is a crucial part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. The entire system is designed to eliminate the toxic gases from inside the car engine and release them outside. A properly functioning exhaust system will keep your car engine safe and sound.

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Exhaust Shop is the leading high flow muffler and exhaust tubing supplier in Australia, which is why we have a plentiful supply of exhaust tubing. With options including flexible or solid tubes, different thicknesses and different materials, we will have you covered. Please note that majority of exhaust tube is sold in 3-metre lengths and will be cut down to 1 metre or 1.5 metres.

If you have any issues feel free to contact us via email (support@exhaustshop.com.au) or phone (03) 9111 5481.

Features of exhaust tubing:

  • High-quality aluminised stainless steel
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Available in varying lengths and finishes
  • Compatible for welding and clamp installations

Your car’s exhaust system is composed of exhaust tubing and dual tip exhaust, clamps and sensors. All these parts function together to improve fuel efficiency and carry the waste and toxic gases away from the engine.

At Exhaust Shop, we deliver innovative, durable and functional car products and accessories. Our products meet the highest quality standards to ensure we met our customer’s needs every time they shop from our site. We only provide quality products conforming to the agreed market standards. Our team follows the best practices and standards of the automobile industry to keep up with the diverse requirements of our customers.

Is your car engine making noise? It could be a sign to replace or repair your exhaust system.

Shop for the best exhaust pipes for your car and see the results.