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Manta - Holden VB - VS V8 5.0L EFI Headers (Di Filippo - Manta Pro Series) (HOLH107)

Brand: Manta

Part No: FX-282

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Dispatch: Usually within 5-7 Business Days

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Manufacturer Notes:

  • Headers are 1 3/4" Inch primaries with 3" Inch outlets

  • Important Information

    Image might not reflect actual exhaust system. Shipping times can vary due to size, destination and availability.

    Warranty Period - 60 Months (5 Years)

    Why Di Filippo?

    Di Filippo specialises in total exhaust engineering for maximum performance, durability, appearance and sound. Di Filippo exhaust products - including everything from headers to complete tuned exhaust systems components and systems in Australia.

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