Di Fillipo Exhaust (DPE) By MPI Automotive

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In close to 20 years, the brand Di Filippo (DPE) has definitely made an impact within the exhaust industry, creating one of the best quality, well known brands across the Australian exhaust market!

As of the 4th of March 2019, the team at Di Filippo have recently created a deal with MPI Automotive to combine forces in continuing the manufacturing of Di Filippo.

This will mean that DPE will be taken over by the team at MPI to evolve the range and secure its place within the industry

A lot of people have been asking us about the situation on the DPE product and how the changeover will affect the product and the truth is, it will not!

The Manta equivalent product will still be made in the same factory (located in Melton) by the same employees with the same designs that have made Di Filippo Exhausts what they are and what they are known for.

We here at Exhaust Shop are very excited to welcome this endeavour, and are extremely happy to still be able to offer our customers the quality and performance that comes with buying a DPE by MPI Automotive.


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