What Size Exhaust Should I Buy

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What Size Catback Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions we get. What size catback exhaust should I get. If you’re after the loudest sound then a 3”catback exhaust system is the best option. Not only will you benefit with the best sound, if you plan to work on your engine you will gain further performance gains compared to a 2.5”.

The benefits of a 2.5” system is that they’re more suited for the street and casual cruising. Not too quite and not too loud.

What Size Headers Should I Buy?

Bigger, isn’t always better in this case.

1 3/4″ headers are suited for highly worked on engines and provide high flow. You will also see high performance gains and a slightly better and louder note. With both 1 ¾” and 1 7/8” headers you should hear more cracks and pops.

With 1 7/8” headers these are more suited to motors utilising force induction, for example a supercharger. There shouldn’t be much difference with sound and performance compared to 1 ¾” it mostly depends on the engines upgrades.

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